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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  January 17, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PST

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followed suit and ordered all lanes grounded. the typing is rough for san jose. the dreamliner take off from here on friday was the start of service between san jose and japan the first time in six years. the city had high hopes this would be a boost to the economy but passengers are rerouted through san jose's biggest competitor. sso, which is indefinite. no estimate on when the planes will possibly be flying again. live from shows for abc7 news. >> thank you very much, amy. >> at two safety meetings a closer look at the collision of a tanker at the bay bridge, "overseas raymar" which scraped against the tower. the bar pilot changed course at the last minute passing under the bridge near treasure island under foggy conditions.
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the san francisco manner exchange will look at fog rules. the federal investigators say it could take months to determine the true cause. >> governor brown will attend a uc board of regents meeting to discussion the proposed budget and the impact on uc wanting to keep further tuition or fee increases off the agenda. university of california schools will get plenty of financial help from taxpayers after voters approves proposition 30. he wants more teaching, less research, and more students accepted from community colleges. >> san francisco's law banning public nudity goes into effect but today it is challenged in federal court. a lawsuit filed by four in november seeks an injunction based on constitutional rights. the city attorney will argue on behalf of the ordinance in the district court in san francisco. the attorney arguing for the plaintiffs wants it to apply to all nude its not just the four
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that filed suit. >> notre dame could hold a news conference today on the shocking story of the national college football star who claims he was a victim of a terrible hoax. grieving the death of his girlfriend exposed as a hoax. an investigation is underway whether teo is the victim or the massacre mind. all american linebacker and heisman trophy finalist he gained national sympathy and attention when his grandmother died and on the same day so did an alleged girlfriend from leukemia. now a website has uncovered that no such young woman existed. he admits the relationship was online and by phone and claims he was duped by someone using stolen pictures of a woman who does not know him. >> this was a sophisticateed hoax perpetrated for reasons we cannot fully understand.
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it has a certain cruelty at its core. >> he is expected to speak to reporters as early as today. notre dame says there is no evidence he masterminded the hoax. he is preparing now for the nfl draft. it is unclear whether the scandal will have any impact. >> the people can decide is the word from disgraced lance armstrong this morning hours before the interview with oprah set to air. he said that people can judge for themselves how candid he was discussing the use of performance-enhancing drugs. he has been criticized for not showing any remorse or revealing enough in the monday interview. armstrong was stripped of seven tour de france titles and banned for life. the interview reviews on oprah's network today and today and "good morning america" will look for potential legal fallout.
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>> san jose police are turning to the public to find a man would tried to snatch a toddler from her mother's arms releasing a sketch. it is critical to get this man off the streets before he strikes again. the mother says the man chatted with her and her daughter on tuesday evening. she described what happened next. >> he kneeled down to talk to the three-year-old daughter, and he picked her up by her ankles and started pulling her. i could not get her away. her boots fell off. her pants were coming off. >> the mom asks abc7 not to use her name and neighbors say they didn't hear or see anything out of the ordinary. some say they are talking to their own kids about what happened and what to do if this approaching by a stranger. >> the public is warned about another brazen child abduction attempt inside a store at the
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mall on january 6 and tried to walk away with the boy. the child's mother yelled and the man let go. he is described as asian between 50 and 60 and about 5' 4" and 5' 8" and weighs 200 pounds with a pot belly. >> a 17-year-old east bay girl has been missing since friday. police identify her as morgan stanten. she has brown hair and brown eyes. she may have headed to livermore. if you have information about her whereabouts call pleasanton police. >> oakland mayor is looking for federal aid while in washington this week to attend the national conference of mayors and president obama's inauguration on monday. the mayor is planning to meet with several law enforcement agencies to secure and expand federal support to oakland police and the city's crime-fighting effort and is
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asking governor brown to extend the assistance oakland has been getting from the highway patrol. brown said oakland has to find out what they want. some in oakland want zero police. the leadership of that city has to show the way. brown is a former mayor of oakland. >> people dining out in san francisco will be able to access a restaurant health ratings at their fingertips. the consumer review site "yelp" will post health ratings online. it is a good way to get government information to the public. abc7's reporter will have a live report next year on that partnership. >> the weather forecast, now. it sounds like a broken record, or for the young people, the cd is skipping. >> the cd is stuck. >> mike nicco, our meteorologist
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, will explain where r what is happening. >> high pressure is keeping it still and allowing the pollution to build up. the poorest air quality will build in the east bay today, the north bay, and on the peninsula. especially headed from half moon bay to the coast and to san francisco. from about the san mateo bridge south to the santa clara valley we will have moderate amount of particulate matter in the air. calm conditions about everywhere and a little bit of a wind or a breeze in napa at three miles per hour. that is stagnant air allowing the pollution to build. with the "spare the air" day and so chilly do not bun the wood. by noon, mid-50's and nicer at lunch. upper 50's headed through 4:00, and we will be in the mid-to-upper 40's at 7:00. hazy sunshine but no clouds today. low-to-mid 60's friday,
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saturday, a few high clouds on sunday and we will still be in the low-to-mid 60's. sue? >> good morning, everyone, on thursday. clear traffic conditions. like look at the golden gate bridge where you have the two lanes in the southbound direction and that will be configured to four lanes when the commute is underway with no road work and looking good after the waldo grade. the bay bridge toll plaza shows no metering lights and it is quiet and no problems on the upper deck making your way into san francisco. the drive from the central valley is at a good clip moving up and over the altamont pass, with no delays here. we have road work in oakland both directions of 880 between 66 and 980 until 5:00 a.m. and road work in concord north 242 from willow pass to concord avenue, various lanes blocked until 6:00 this morning. kristen and eric? >> just about 4:40. >> ready for mavericks? the contest is set. do not get too close to the action with big change coming to
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the surfing contest this year. >> where's the beef? the hamburger patty that had something extra. >> you are dating yourself this morning. >> first, the tech bytes. >> microsoft drug els to compete against apple in the tablet market with only a million surface tablets sold since the october debut of what of the original sales forecast. a new phone for those suffering from hearing loss. the clarity uses advanced hearing aid technology to amplify the sound and users can read what is being said in real time. ed? >> not only offering captioning for live conversation but it will do it on voice mails, too, so you can play back a message and see the transcript of what has been said. >> it rails for $229 and the [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits. delicious.
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>> daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning. it is thursday morning. a live look at the golden gate bridge looking good. no problem with visibility. still a problem with a chill, though, but we will warm up when the sun comes out and mike nicco will look at the slowly warming forecast. >> the oakland museum of california is releasing a picture of a rare artifact stolen last week. police say someone took off with this golden box dating from the california gold rush. a $12,000 reward is offered for the same return. call the tip line of the oakland police department at 510-777-2805. or go to our website.
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>> oakland police released a sketch of a kidnapping suspect would tried to kidnap a woman watching on east 12th street near bart station in december. she got away. oakland police ask you to call them if you recognize this man. >> this morning a driver is recovering after a dramatic rescue in the east bay. the driver lost control of the truck near the tunnel. the truck appeared to lose the brakes and flipped on its side and dumped the load. the driver did not appear to suffer any serious injuries. >> two dozen of the best surfers around the world are on the way to the san mateo coast with the maverick contest set to take place on sunday. big waves are forecast near half moon bay for the competition. abc7 news reporter has a preview. >> when the waves hit the reef
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it will explode. >> jeff is the man behind the maverick invitational, the surfing contest. the team has been watching the waves and says the storm is bringing ideal conditions. >> this swell came on to the radar five days ago. it was just computer projection. after three days, it finally made the first impression in the ocean. >> the pro surfers from brazil and hawaii scrambled to get here in time local restaurants like half moon bay brewing company are calling on all employees to help with the weekend crowds. >> they expect perfect waves, perfect weather, and it is a three day holiday weekend. the 49ers are playing so we will have the 49er game, the contest on, and we open at 8:00 a.m. >> mavericks is a source of pride for locals. >> it is awesome to see the community to come to our town. we last to host it.
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>> spectators are not allowed to watch from the beach. the maverick festival is held at the hotel and spa with a jumbo tron and lay by play. you can meet the surfers who dare to ride. >> maverick produce big waves more than the other big wave venues. >> different kind of sport here, the san francisco giants world series trophies are taking off this morning for the big apple. the trophies from the 2010 and 2012 series began the tour in sacramento stopping in richmond and vallejo this week. they are getting the red carpet treatment at sfo departing for new york city and giant fans taking the northbound-bound virgin america flight and fans can take photos. i am sure they will fly first-class. >> very nice.
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>> free drinks. >> i have a picture with the trophies. so exciting. >> did you? >> she did. >> you will have a chance, it will be back to the bay area hopefully when it is warmer. >> comes through the east bay in march. >> redwood city on the 25th of the month. >> if i can touch that and the lombardi trophy, my life will be complete. >> moving on, 4:48 this morning, here is a look from emeryville, you can see how calm it is this morning with a beautiful picture to the west. live doppler 7 hd shows how quiet it is this morning. we have dry air again. but not too dry. the frost is not forming. we have frost out there again because the temperatures are so low. now as far as the temperatures go, and how to dress when you
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step outside, we will ramp it up and we are in the 20's in santa rosa and novato and mid-30's in fremont and san jose and mountain view at 36 and los gatos at 33 and redwood city 34 and 45 in san francisco and 50 in half moon bay right now because of a breeze. hazy today. another "spare the air" day. clear tonight. frosty valleys. warmer highs through sunday. temperatures today range from 56 in antioch and livermore to 62 in santa rosa and reach 60 in napa and fremont and palo alto and oakland and san jose at 62. to monterey bay, mid-to-upper 60's headed inland to salinas. dry air. calm conditions. cooling to the 20's and 30's inland and mid-to-upper 30's
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around the bay explore and 40's around san francisco and on half moon bay. we have a sneaker wave tonight through tomorrow morning but the high surf comes in on sunday. saturday night and into sunday with swells up to 20' so that is why they are going to have maverick. the rest of us should just stay ashore and watch it. low-to-mid 60's through next week. cooler starting on wednesday. >> things moving at a good clip from hayward and industrial to the toll plaza at the san mateo bridge. everything is at the limit eastbound and westbound but westbound is the main come -- commute. san jose, 87, northbound, the head lights headed beyond hp pavilion and it is light here, as well, and clear conditions for thursday morning drive. road work out there eastbound
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dumbarton bridge, with various lanes blocked until 6:00 this morning with for delays and westbound road work has been picked up this morning. a bit of road work through mill valley, southbound, 101, beyond seminary, on the richardson bay bridge, in the right lane until 6:00 this morning. kristen and eric? >> new this morning, you may want to put your breakfast down. 10 million burgers across ireland and britain are being recalled because they could contain horse meat, the second larger processor of burgers show there are traces of horse meat. it threatens to undermine the beef industry. investigators were surprised to find a burger among 27 tested 29 percent horse meat. >> they are being shipped to france, i guess, where they will be consumed. >> the flu season is in high gear.
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>> good morning, everyone, on abc7 morning news. a live look from emeryville camera to the bay bridge where traffic is moving fine and everything is lit up okay and sue is tracking travel problems and mike is watching the temperatures. both have reports coming up. >> across the country, president obama's proposed bans on new assault weapons and high capacity clips struck a nerve among those who make the laws and those who enforce. lawmakers in texas, wyoming, and tennessee have rushed to introduce legislation to preempt the president's proposal.
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the sheriffs in oregon and kentucky are refusing to enforce any new gun control laws. legal experts say their power to defy federal law are limited and the rhetoric is simply political posturing. >> a bay area lawmaker is taking action after the suicide of an internet activist facing federal computer hacking charges after honor schwarz was found hanging on friday. he was being prosecuted for using the m.i.t. computers to access scholarly articles. he was was disstraight over the charges. the law named in memory of him limits the broad scope of the existing law. >> yes, it is another "spare the air" day. there could be haze.
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>> avoid burning wood. mike? >> it is very cold again. good morning, everyone. it is cold everywhere cross the state because we do not have much wind. we do not have much in the way of cloud cover. live doppler 7 hd shows how quiet it is. everyone is like us, slowly warming from near 50, we are getting close do records in tahoe and yosemite with the 49 and 50 and we will build near 60 through the central valley and 61 at big sur. check out san diego at 69. paul springs and los angeles, mid-70's. remember they were in the mid-50 just a few days ago. now, traffic? >> it is nice. hello, everyone. speaking of traveling, i got a report that roads in sierra are all clear. 50 and 80, in snow on the roads and no snow expected until next week. right now, san rafael, south 101 beyond lucas valley road exit,
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everything is moving smooth beyond the san rafael civic center with a light commute on the golden gate bridge with crews headed into the northbound connection. the lanes are opening up southbound. road work eastbound 4, good speeds from antioch moving to pittsburg and eastbound the lane is closed until 6:00 this morning in the left lane. kristen and eric? >> researchers have found that the flu shot is safe for mothers-to-be with no evidence that the vaccine increases the risk of losing a fetus and it can prevent some deaths. it confirms what the united states health officials have been urging for five years that the pregnant women get the shots. >> you may have seen gloves or socks designed to make your skin soft.
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now, wrangler introduces moisturizing jeans which will make your legs feel softer for 15 days after wearing them if the first time. they run $140 each and will be available online at the end of the month. >> maybe if they could shave your legs for you, as well. >> i was thinking the same thing. >> following breaking news from overseas with a major development in a hostage crisis. some of the people held captive may have escaped. we will go like to washington, dc. >> the new tactic unveiled in san francisco to
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>> live from the cog broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> thursday, 5:00, thanks for joining us, i am kristen sze. >> an algerian security official says 20 hostages, including some americans, escaped the captors at a b.p. natural gas plant. right now, we will check in with abc news live in washington, dc, with the latest on this breaking situation. >> good morning. the situation is fluid. overnight, algerian troops surrounded the facility where the hostages are being held and president obama's national security team is monitoring events. >> this morning, chaos in algeria. algerian media reports foreign hostages including americans, escaped capture from al qaeda linkedin surgeons. reports indicate from 15 to 100 people were abducted from a b.p. oil field in algeria after an attack. >> by all indications this is


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